Miyabi as potential Autocatalyzed Demoralization

One: By acknowledging that some parts of our college students or college graduates have Miyabi embedded so deep in their culture, deep enough for them to write a story about a storymaker who are so enthralled by Miyabi he wants to kidnap her; deep enough for a filmmaker gang to consider the story worth filming and not hesitant on doing so is so…I don’t know, not signaling a good paths on the way the culture of this nation will go forward.

Two: By putting Miyabi, a proven, open wide, full frontal, pornographic cultural icon into our fledgling modern movie industries which already filled with half-baked pornographic elements will potentially be setting back the Indonesian movie industries clock to a decade or two decades ago where the movies produced are either crotch oriented or scream oriented. The industry will fall into a trap of easy movie making instead of going the way of more intelligent movies like Ada Apa dengan Cinta and Merantau. You can point the blame on moviegoers also, but if the industry refuse to go the way of Gadis Metropolitan and strive forward to produce modern, good, and educating movies (hey, even Knocked Up and Pineapple Express is an educating movie, albeit a little “adult”), then the moviegoers will get educated, and soon the entire industri will autocatalyzed into something better.

But if Miyabi is set on stone and make into a trend, then, wow, can not imagine what if there is a story about kidnapping Julia Perez or kidnapping Sarah Azhari in the future…..

Three: The underlying problem about religion, especially in an Islam dominated country, will trigger several morale and cultural debates, aside from obvious religious debates. The fact that some of you already pointed out that it is given that Indonesian people are morally hypocritical is not helping either. Pointing out the obvious is easy, painting people’s value by using general stereotype is not helping, and acting like the cultural perversion is not a big thing (everybody does Miyabi, so what?) is aggravating the already confused grass root people.

Where should they go if the rise of Ayat-ayat Cinta and Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1 and 2 is contemporary with the rise of Paku Kuntilanak and Menculik Miyabi? Where should they go if the rise of Jilbab as fashion trend is contemporary with the coronation of Putri Indonesia who comes from a place traditionally associated with Jilbab but doesn’t use one?

The (alas) inevitable arrival of Miyabi should be seen with wary eyes to those who feel that something is amiss in the modern culture of Indonesian middle class. That something is clear moral direction.

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