The Regression of Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Once an icon of Indonesia’s renewal, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been slowly regressing into an icon of continuation of the old regime of Soeharto. He bowed down to the wishes of USA, he protected the donors of his party from the trial for corruptions, and he began to lay foundations for his dynasty to rule Indonesia by raising his son into prominence.

His act of quickly kicked out of office two vice chairmen of the Corruption Eradication Comission, Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra, after they were forcefully captured by the police due to charges and quickly installing his own people to replace them showed that SBY wants to put this important Comission under his thrall to be molded as he pleases.

His concerted effort together with Chief of Police and General Attorney quickly ignited a resistance force from 1.3 million of Indonesian facebook users. A man formed a group to support Bibit-Chandra and in two weeks, 1 million people joined the campaign, triggering a media circus of Chief of Police explaining his men acts with stupid logics and legal mumbo-jumbo. During this media circus, the General Attorney also acts like they are sure that Bibit-Chandra accepted a bribe because they have proofs: parking tickets and photos of the cars parked in the supposed place of bribe taking. 

One public hearing of some recorded wiretap later, Chief of Police and General Attorney had their collective face smeared by Anggodo, little brother of Anggoro (the chinese taipan who bribed so many people he exiled himself to Singapore, the country that protects corruptors). Anggodo clearly, on some wiretap recordings, can be heard ordering police officers, notably Head of Police Criminal Investigation Bureau, the things he would like to have them write. Soon Anggodo got tangled into the media circus and turn it into a cesspool of lies, deceits, disgusting oaths, and bare stupidities.

And what SBY did was washing his hands off the case and told an ad-hoc “verification comittee” to see to it and give recommendations and then left to enjoy sucking uncle sam’s balls.

Even after the comittee gave him some recommendations, SBY didn’t do anything but gave speech that give absolutely no clear indications on what he wants to do. SBY, once again, washed his hands off.

He need to stay away from his failing efforts to rule CEC and focusing on evading another potential bomb: The Century Bank Bailout.

6.7 billion rupiahs, roughly 600 million dollars, was poured into a cancerous bank who had shown no good intentions to be healthy and got robbed by its own owner. Said to be done to prevent “cascading failure of economic system”, it was shown that the monetary authority had severed several of its own rules to help this stupid bank. 

There are rumors that those 6.7 billion rupiahs were sapped through labyrinthine process by Democrat Party’s treasurers to be used as their campaign money. If this process got proven, then SBY will fall along with the entire Democrat Party.

SBY swore his innocence and has been dodging this accusations for weeks, without actually giving out proofs of his innocences.

The former governor of Bank Indonesia, now Vice President, had said over and over again that during the turbulent world financial crisis (and surprisingly healthy Indonesia’s condition), Century Bank’s ailment need to be cured instantly. This didn’t sit well with Financial Auditor Authority of Indonesia who found inconsistencies and omissions done by Bank Indonesia in regards of this sick but favored Bank.

If SBY shows no clear acts for both Bibit-Chandra and Century Bank problems, his rule might be seen as tainted and Democrat Party could be well join the Pariah rank of PDIP and Golkar.

That if SBY has not been doing black ops to ensure Democrat Party victory in 2014.

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