Pickpocket on The Door

Jakarta is truly a beast that feeds on the greed of the rich and desperation of the poor. It inhales their hopes and kindness and exhales a mood of gloom.

I have known Jakarta since 1990, almost 20 years ago, and Jakarta back then is the same as Jakarta now: unruly, choking, and exudes excessiveness while proud of being vainglorious. 

It’s been a while since I am in touch with the low way of lives of Jakarta, live of Metromini, smokers at every corners, and of flooded street and criminals on every spot.

These are my two horrendous experiences when doing so.

One: I almost got rob by the “Door Stoppers”. These pickpockets and robbers in neat costumes of shirts and long pants and good shoes do their operations using the fact that a metromini (that orange bus that you see everywhere in Jakarta) has two narrow doors that people can use to get out. Two of these Door Stoppers will block each door when someone has signaled that he wants to go down. They will block this (or these) passenger(s) with every reasons possible. Their friends will then pickpockets or open the zippers of their bags while the passengers panic. You need to bulldoze your way out of the bus if this kind of things happen to me. I did it as soon as a man blocked my door and repeatedly telling the driver to keep on going while I want to go out of the bus. I then knock the bus roof hard and bulldoze my way out through the man. I found my bag’s zippers half open. Thanks God nothing was stolen.

Two: I hate smokers, and I hate smokers who SEE that there is a no smoking sign around and STILL SMOKE ANYWAY! God, the IQ of those stupid smokers. You can find it everywhere in Jakarta, even in AIRPORT, and even after the good officers herd them to the smoking areas. I hate smokers, they are the cause that the earth is heating up!

I still hate Jakarta

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