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This is just some random posting, like so many random postings that I have made before. Nothing in particular is themed for this posting. Nothing at all.

Probably a dash of Blackest Night? Shameless, shameless plug there, Zenstrive!


My brain is a wonderful thing. Sometimes ideas just popped out like that after my nerves chew on ideas inputted by my sensory system. One of those ideas today is on how to do home ownership loan, syariah way.

The idea is simple: In Islam, you must not put interests on loan. You can only demand a portion of the ownership of whatever activities that is funded by that loan. Now the trick is for banks not to call it a home ownership loan, but home ownership capital. That way, a bank can demand a portion of home ownership legalized in a form of certification of ownership. The bank can then sell this participation of ownership to investors, for a profit of course. That investors can then claim a portion of profits if the home owner decide to sell the house or rent it.

The catch is the assumption that a price of a house will always increase or there will always be renters. That’s a normal assumption, and an assumption that can be justified by the bank or investors: they will not agree to sell a house or rent it if the price is not right.

See, how simple can it be? No interests, no bubbles, no worries.

t First Twitter, and then Facebook allow people to express their feelings in short notes. It makes people lazy. It makes me lazy. You see, there are times when I can write long and nonsense articles (just browse around this blog) if you like.

Anyway, I have profited steadily from forex lately. What is forex, you ask? Formally it is an abbreviation of Foreign Currency Exchange, where you can get profit from changing exchange rates of different currencies, mainly US Dollars (USD), Poundsterling (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), and Euro (EUR). Forex market is the most liquid and biggest monetary market in the world. It’s the biggest, and also the cruelest market you can ever be in. The profits could catapult you to the moon, or drown you to The Mariana Trench. Really, it’s that liquid, that scary, and that addictive. Just take a look at me: three times burn out of capitals, but come back for more punishments. So far, I am doing okay for three weeks. Let’s see if I can last a year. If I can, and I am on the profit rate that I am in now, well, bye bye 7-5 work. Bye-bye bosses. Welcome lazy life and all day playing.

Hey, one can dream, right? So, if you want to get a taste of forex, register to Marketiva, the best poor man forex broker you can find. It’s so poor man’s friendly, it gives real US$ 5 dollar and virtual US$ 10000 for you to train with. Train yourself hard, understand the charts, the indicators, and how to put positions. This is my personal tips: learn MACD and the power of compoundings.

So, what else? Oh yeah, I found myself becoming more and more militant on the case of Islam. Not as militant as some terorrists (“Islamic terrorists” are really CIA’s work to slowdown the imminent return of Islam as dominant power in 21st century) but militant enough to challenge the minds of those “liberalisms and pluralism thingkers” (read mind terrorists). So hopefully I can help, albeit a little, on culling those vermins and keep Islam pure. Do you know that Liberalist Jews have been having homosexual rabbis for years? True.

Anyway, have a good day 🙂