WIP: 1/100 MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise

Finally, after craving for this awesomely detailed, excitingly overpowered Master Grade, I finally bought it and started to assemble it September 10, 2012.


the box is….EXTRA LARGE!

Look at those tiles, then look back at the box. The tile is 50×50 cm large.

Now you can see how big that box is?

It sure is as large or larger than my laptop box!

On the first day, I spent nearly six hours completing the head, the torso, some parts of the waist, and  both arms.

On day 2 I spent around one and half hour to complete the shoulders (shown), one foot and one partial bottom legs (not shown). Truly a Master Grade, even the shoulders need efforts to be completed, with its small pieces and rotating stuffs. Good times!

On Day 3 I completed the rest of the Gundam and its daggers. It looks alright already.

On Day 4, I have competed everything but putting decals and linings. I’d probably do them later.

Please wait for another post showcasing this awesome (and bothersome) model!


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