[PARADE] MG 1/100 Astra Blue Frame Second Revise

Finally got chances to enhance lines on this baby with gundam marker, put on some stickers, and took pictures of it.

I honestly love the pose-ability of this remarkable master grade kit. Articulations are top notch. This kit is like gymnast compared to other kits (well, I only had MG Zeta Gundam 1.0 and GM Quell previously…). Strip it of its cumbersome shoulder pads and the jaw-droppingly awesome Tactical Arms II and you can pose it like an action figure of some kung fu fighters.

Put the knives on its fingers and you will believe that this is the ninja of Gundams, even moreso than Blitz Gundam. Two knives in hands, two knives at its heels, and two at its toes. Six all, ready to rip your GuAIZ or ZAKUs or even Destiny anytime. All it needs is the Mirage Colloid and it’d be perfect!

Put Tactical Arms II on its hands (and you need both hands or an action base), and its bad-assery is COMPLETE! The transformable TA II, in its most boring form, is a huge “sword” as big as the Astray Gundam itself. It can probably knock Strike Freedom silly for being such a ugly beam fairy or slice Legend in two like the genetic failures of its pilot that it is.

Or you can imagine The ABF using it as hoverboard like that Nirvash thing on the another universe. The TAII, afterall, has its own rockets.

TA II, on the other hands, has many other forms. The second most boring form is its Wing Form, how it’s normally attached on Gai’s machine’s back and used as propulsion and motion balancing. More exciting form is the standing gatling gun, where the “blades” of the TAII changed into stands and the gatling gun in the TAII’s middle is revealed. The Astray Gundam will hold the hilt and shoot away with the gatling gun.

The most exciting form of the TA II is when you separate the blades, stick them on each lower arms, and let the Astray plays with it like they are tonfas. Sharp, oversized, beam-bladed tonfas. Now the Astray’s image as martial artist is complete.

Images below:



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