Fuel Subsidies, Blackout, and Crying Baby

So, the 2009 election results had voted and decided to increase fuel price in Indonesia, therefore reducing fuel subsidies.

Pushing Indonesia’s inflation higher, people’s suffering deeper, and opening more chances for the reallocated money to be corrupted ten thousand ways.

But first, it will allow the “ruling party” to pull off the same trick it has to win in 2009: putting out political bribe to people, veiled in the name of Bantuan Langsung (Direct Cash) to people in value of Rp 150000/month/family. For four months only.

Which can be spent in a day. Which is worthless.

Also the “government” is planning to subsidize the company, owned by a party leader, that caused Lapindo Mud.

Which is why you have to scratch your head to all of this stupidity.

I have to scratch my head and shook it hard due to other reasons entirely.

The province in which I live in had been experiencing total blackout for more than 12 hours. 
Which is ridiculous. 


1. It is oil and gas and coal rich province

2. We have a refinery, which produces fuel, which powers generators.

3. it is one of the richest provinces in Indonesia.

And the city I live in is known for its humid and hot climate. And my home is a dead trap for heat with just windows for ventilations. You simply can not open windows at night at will.

So my baby Ghazsan, which now has adorable laughs, must suffer through a hot night, which caused my wife and my mother in law to suffer, which cause me to suffer.

Suffer due to his crying caused by a very very hot, torturing night.

So yeah, “government”, you suck. Big Time.

My baby hates you!



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