Monthly Archives: January 2014

2013, so far, has been a good year for me,

except in career.

This is the year my first son was born. A lovely, loved-by-everybody little miracle we call Ghazsan Kalhadar Hadi Prasetyo. Now 9 months old, he has grown into a strong baby with high curiosity and high mobility. His determination to stay close to his mother (my lovely wife) often surprise us; He would climb over his bouncer that we used to block him from leaving the living room. He will try to climb water gallon, boxes, anything that gets between him and the area beyond the living room and into the kitchen.

He also loves looking outside the homes, into the small garden and the road, looking at the vehicles and people passing by. It’s good that we have installed a wired door that covers the main door so that he can still see outside but can not go outside at will. He will always try to crawl outside if the doors are all open.

He is also a strong one, no cables or strings are safe from him. He even able to push water gallon while walking now. 9 and half months old and able to do that.

I am really grateful for God to be blessed with such a strong, healthy, and (people say) handsome child.

Make me glad that I have been half-sacrificing my career for his health. Or I simply cannot cope with changes and stresses in my new assignment this year. Or both.

You see, this year I was moved sideways to another team on the same floor. Same job, same tasks, but different things to take care for.

And I was promoted alongside it.

At first I didn’t consider anything wrong with that. Promotion, new job, hey, it’s going to be exciting.

Except not all of it is fun.

My new direct supervisor is a brilliant engineer, meticulous, and totally genius guy. Admittedly, I couldn’t cope with him. Then there’s this state of “new father zombiness” that I have been in (babies wake up every two hours, crying a lot, puking a lot), causing me to sometime totally zoned out. This infuriated him and thus we have been having a strained relationship since.
This state of zombiness caused me my works to be in state of mess when finished, causing my performance rating to drop, and make me ill all the time.

me in 2013 is a loser zombie.

Last night, I had the most deepest sleep ever since I got a baby. I think I am leaving the zombiness state. My baby is sleeping better now. He ought to be, he is already 9 months old.

Hopefully me in 2014 will be this way: fresh, work in full capacity, and not slacking off all the time.

Hopefully I won’t get a pay cut this year.