2 years ago, when I left this blog to mess around in Multiply and then Facebook, there was nothing, nothing, that could trigger something on my mind to purchase a house of my own.

But all was changed when I got a much, much better job from what I had that time. Three times the salary and in a city where there are malls but the traffic is not as horrendous as Jakarta. So I then moved to Balikpapan, where the air is clean and the beach is close to home and the traffic is not as killing as Jakarta.

I stayed for a month on a hotel first, courtesy of my new company. Then I moved to a rented room from June to August, then moved to rent a room on my auntie’s home.
Come February, I met with a girl. A daughter of my father’s friend’s sister. An angel wrapped in a beautiful, tall, and slim body. I fell in love instantly.

I then visited her in her home in May, 2009. Got asked by her uncle, the leader of her larger family from her mother side, whether I am serious with her or not.

I said I do. So he asked me to propose.

A month later, I proposed. Got accepted by her large family.

Later that month, almost suicidally, I bought a house. A small house, two stories with two bedroom and a small bathroom. 75 meter square of building area and 140 meter square of land area.

September 2009, I moved out from my auntie’s house and moved to this house.

My own house. It feels great. My own house! Finally!

After almost 30 years living in provided-by-company houses or parent’s houses or rented rooms or relatives houses, having your own house is an enlightening experience.

Enlightening, because you need to quickly adapt and learn all there is about having your own house.

Such as:
Where are the furnitures? Oh…I need to buy them.
What the hell happening with the water? Oh, I need to call the fix-it guys.
What the hell is that noise? Oh, it’s the sound of the gypsum reacting to the air conditioner’s cold.
Why are the grasses so tall? Oh, I need to cut it off.

So much I.

Well, living in a house of my own on my own, I will have so many things I need to do by myself.

Thanksfully, I chose to buy a house in a housing complex that already matured and have shopping distric nearby. In that shopping district, there is a 24 hrs supermarket so I can just grab my motorcycle and drive there in the middle of the night if I need to. But then again, I don’t need to since that place also have delivery service for items I need. So I simply need to call them and have the items delivered.

While I wash my clothes.

Remember that I need to buy my own furnitures? That apply to household appliances too! I have bought the fridge, the gas stoves, the water dispensers, the rice cooker, the iron,but I am yet to buy a washing machine. So I still wash my clothes by hand.

And hung them on my Manfrotto 682B self-standing monopod, one end on the window frame and the other end on the top of my plastic wardrobe. I was going to let the air conditioner dry them up, but I realized that would probably put humidity on my air conditioner faster and could have mold grown on them. So I simply opened the window.

Oh well. Need to wait if they are dry when I got home. That’d be the time when I wash the other clothes and then Iron the ones that are dry.

It’s good to be the Lord of Your Own House 🙂