I live in a row of homes that are attached to one another. We share walls.

About two months ago, the next door’s home began an expansion project. It expand the house on the backside and upside. Soon, my lawn got messy from their cements, sacks, cigarette boxes, and debris. One day the foreman came and I asked them, rather furiously, to order his men to clean up my lawn.

One month ago, when I came home, I found that the labors from the next door’s home expansion project had erected scaffoldings on my lawn, since they need to do something to the heightened wall of that house. The problem is, nobody told me about this and I got furious and asked the labor who ordered them to erected the scaffoldings. They told me that their foreman ordered them to do it. I asked them why didn’t the foreman ask me first. They said because no one was at my home. Then I asked them again would it be polite to erect something on someone’s lawn without the owner’s permission. They said no. I said pull down the scaffoldings and they did it. I said clean up my lawn from your cements and they did it.

Two weeks ago a new foreman asked me whether they can re-erect the scaffoldings or not and I said no. Not without compensations.

Yesterday the foreman and another guy give me a letter saying that they will clean up any mess caused by the erection of the scaffoldings. I said letter or no letter, scaffoldings or no scaffoldings, IT IS THEIR OBLIGATION TO CLEAN UP ANY MESS caused by their project. There is no mention of compensations of using my lawn on that letter, so I gave them the letter back.

The lady who sold me my house then called me and asked me what’s the problem, and I asked her back: would you let someone put a scaffolding on your lawn, without your permissions, and without you being compensated for it? She said no, and I said that’s the problem. I also said that my water tandon has not been fixed, my walls has not been repainted, and my garden lamp has not been installed, not to mention the cover for the drain hole on my bathroom has not been installed yet.

And yesterday my ground floor’s ceiling was leaking.

So there. The problem have not been resolved yet. What do you think? Would you be furious if someone erect a scaffolding on your lawn without you being told and compensated for?