Today is day 14, and tomorrow is day 15.
And tomorrow i won’t be coming home.


You see, I have ranted here and there again about the perilous and ubiquotious uncertainty. And I have ranted here and there about the annoying and forever threatening field trip extension. And I have complained about how the mix of two can ruin a young, creative, full of imagination young man’s life.

And for this Pig Valentine week, those mix are served to me on daily basis.

And here I am, gaining age and losing my allocation on earth with anticipations.

Darn it.


Well, nice to know that you can have a storm in the beginning and peaceful, relaxing weather later.After three days of balancing between the oh-so-veteran-and-experienced-vendor-representative’s wish to come home by saturday morning and  the needs to have sucessful well stimulation injection program, which induced a lot of neuron storm on my head, things finally gets to slow down afterward. 

Those three days are the most brain-criplling days I have ever been in any field. They were so crippling, I almost lost a very important item: communication radio. Man, if I ever lost one of those, I can guarantee you that I will no longer have Kurau Field Trip entry on this blog.

But, well, it’s over. After that, my last big job is pumping liquids into two wells, and that only spent less than 12 hours. And now, I am relaxed, waiting for the next dynamites to explode.

See ya !